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Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

8 April 2010
London, 8 April: Paul Anselmo and Fransua Rachmann have taken part in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Charity Challenge to raise money for Malaria Consortium for the second year running. The five-day, 2,200km gruelling off-road motorcycle race through the Liwa desert, crossing some of the world’s most inhospitable and challenging terrain, took place between 27 March and 1 April.

Fransua, who crossed the finish line having battled injury, fatigue and mechanical issues, said, “I knew when I decided to do the Desert Challenge, that it would be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…My bike is a mess, I had a big fall today and I went flying over the handlebars with the bike almost landing on top of me. But these things fade away when you look at your medal and see the photos. I finished the Desert Challenge, that’s all that counts!”

Paul and Fransua were part of a four-man motorcycle challenge team who entered the race, one of the toughest and most prestigious international cross country rallies. Sean Curnow and Darryn Keast both had to withdraw from the competition after getting injured. Curnow, who competed in last year’s race but broke his collarbone during training for this week’s race, was at the finish line cheering his team mates on.

“The lads crossed the finish line exhausted from five days riding in the toughest terrain this planet has to offer – but the smiles and the sense of achievement was plain for all to see.”

The money raised will be donated to Malaria Consortium for the purchase of long lasting insecticidal nets for a remote community around Lake Albert in Uganda, where Curnow’s employer Heritage Oil and Gas have a base. The team has raised almost $20,000 for Malaria Consortium, a fantastic achievement.   

For more information, please contact Diana Thomas [email protected].


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