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Motorbike Malaria Fighter: Sanni Sarki

Motorbike malaria fighter: Sanni Sarki, Volunteer Town Announcer, Bungudu, Zamfara State

Nigeria – ACCESS SMC

During the  rainy season in Nigeria, Sanni Sarki plays a crucial role protecting young children from malaria. Sanni is a ‘town crier’ and he works during four months of the seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) medicine distribution. SMC is a life-saving strategy recommended by WHO for the Sahel region in Africa, including seven states in Nigeria.

With his motorbike and megaphone, Sanni travels all corners of the district. He works long hours during each of the four distribution cycles making announcements to ensure everyone knows about the campaign and what they must do. By driving the extra mile, Sanni reached the population who most needed his vital information.  His efforts have helped achieve high coverage of SMC in his local government area and Zamfara state in general.

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