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Life saver: U Kyaw Zin Lin

Life saver: U Kyaw Zin Lin, Malaria Volunteer

Myanmar - iCCM

“When my one-month old baby boy got sick, I used the skills I had learnt from the training. I checked his weight which was below his birth weight and when I assessed his dehydration status by pinching his skin, I saw his condition was severe, so I referred him immediately to the hospital which saved his life.”

U Kyaw Zin Lin is a malaria volunteer who lives in Mandar village, located 57 miles from the nearest hospital in Kalay. To get there, villagers need to cross the river which takes them three hours - or five hours in the rainy season when they need to travel by boat. Travel time can be a huge barrier to accessing health services and, indeed, a matter of life and death.

To help tackle this problem, Kyaw signed up for additional training as part of Malaria Consortium’s integrated community case management programme. Kyaw and 89 other malaria volunteers received training to treat other common childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia in their villages, any of which can be deadly if not treated quickly. Kyaw’s commitment means he can now provide live saving diagnoses and treatments to his community that were not readily available previously.

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