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Border hero: Chea Chin

Border hero: Chea Chin, Field Assistant Team Leader

Cambodia – Trans-Border Malaria Programme

“The most satisfying part of my job is getting health services to the people in the far north east of Cambodia, to villages such as Kham Pork, Kiribas Leu, Dor Touch. Everyone assumed it would be impossible to do this, but I have shown it can be done.”

Chea Chin is the Field Assistant Team Leader on Malaria Consortium’s Trans-Border Malaria Programme, which has the ambitious goal of testing every suspected malaria case and treating every confirmed malaria case in Cambodia’s northern border areas. The area is known for its ethnic diversity, natural resources and remoteness. His commitment to this region has meant he has endured extreme weather conditions and spent many days traveling on dusty or muddy roads to reach communities that might not have access to healthcare services. The project covers a 250km stretch along the border with Laos and Vietnam, where Chea Chin’s team works with migrants while managing international border sensitivities. His leadership is vital in a country eager to control and ultimately eliminate a disease that's becoming harder to find and is fast becoming resistant to the most effective anti-malarial drugs.

Photo: Luke Duggleby/Malaria Consortium

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