Engaging in national forums

All malarious countries in this region have forums focusing on malaria in which a wide range of stakeholder groups take part. Where malaria specific forums are not established, malaria stakeholders meet as part of health or child health forums.

These forums are a way of ensuring that all potential and current partners involved in the national malaria control effort remain up to date both on national policy and on the activities being undertaken by others. Joint strategizing and planning is often a feature.

These meetings are a good opportunity to find out who is working on malaria in your area and to start the process of looking for partners. Taking part in these meetings can also be an excellent way to show that your company is taking the issue of malaria seriously, as well as showcasing your activities and achievements.

Common national forums include:

Sources of information on appropriate stakeholder forums in which your company could take part are:

Examples of successful industry malaria control programmes
Sources of technical support and advice