Building a country specific profile of the malaria context

This website gives an overview of the malaria context in the Asia-Pacific with some detail of the generalizable context by sub-regions. However in this region malaria epidemiology can vary considerably within sub-region and within countries.

It would be helpful then to build up a profile of information for your country of interest, including information such as main parasites, vectors, possible control approaches, national strategy and progress.

Good sources for country specific information include:

¹ The Global Fund (The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria).

The Malaria in the Asia-Pacific sections of this website also give information on differences in distribution, transmission patters, drug resistance, vector profiles and insecticide resistance:

Malaria distribution and burden in the Asia-Pacific Transmission Patterns in the Asia-Pacific Drug resistance in the Asia-Pacific Vector species and instecticide resistance

on malaria in the Asia-Pacific