A number of  malaria related podcasts from CDC focusing on clinical issues as well as advice to travellers. Particularly useful ones from this set include:
University of Oxford  collection of audio podcasts on various malaria related subjects. Also available as  video podcasts.

Bill Gates  Ted Talk on malaria .

DFID Podcast  Malaria: A winnable war.

 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Audio News podcasts on malaria. Particularly useful ones from this list include:
 Wellcome Collection Packed Lunch Podcast . Focus on researching drug resistance in Cambodia. Some useful background though focuses on the research experience.

 Malaria Life-Cycle explained . You tube video giving an overview of transmission with animation.

 RBM: Saving lives in the Asia-Pacific . You tube video giving a summary of the problem and options for control in the Asia-Pacific.

 Global Fund Malaria Day Story: Malaria in Papua New Guinea . You tube video case study of a child with malaria in PNG.