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Jayne Webster

Jayne Webster

Jayne Webster is Professor of International Health and Evaluation at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), where she is also Faculty Research Degrees Director and Deputy Director of the Centre for Evaluation. Jayne leads a group of researchers at LSHTM called REACH – Research and Evaluation Applied to Complex interventions in Health. Jayne and her group conduct research studies across a wide range of fields including malaria, malaria in pregnancy, visceral leishmaniasis, family planning, immunisation, reproductive health, health systems, policy adoption and translation, and global health security. Much of her focus is on the delivery of interventions and evaluations of both the intervention and its delivery strategy. These evaluations use a wide range of methods, mixes of methods, and their novel application.   

Jayne has a varied background including establishing a basic pathology laboratory to support the local hospital services, in a remote area of Nepal; studies to support policy development of insecticide treated nets for an NGO in East Timor; and programme design, review and evaluation for bilaterals, UN bodies and NGOs, working as a consultant for the Malaria Consortium.  She has lived in Nepal and East Timor, and worked for varied periods of time in many countries of Africa and Asia.

Jayne has an MSc in Public Health in Developing Countries and a PhD in Programme Evaluation from LSHTM.