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This week, the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) celebrates its 15 years at the forefront of the global fight against malaria. We are proud to have worked in partnership with PMI during this time to deliver impactful projects in the treatment and prevention of this devastating disease. Learn about a few of the ways we have collaborated below.

Pioneering work on malaria vector control, 2017-present

We are a part of PMI VectorLink, a major project led by Abt Associates, which is building the capacity of national governments across Africa to use epidemiological, entomological and coverage data to support the roll out of vector control tools.

Malaria Consortium’s role in the project is to support National Malaria Control Programmes to develop integrated vector control strategies and insecticide resistance management plans, resulting in the delivery of targeted, sustainable and cost-effective combinations of interventions for vector control, including insecticide residual spraying (IRS), insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) and other vector control activities. The project is ongoing and runs until September 2022.

Learn more about PMI VectorLink

USAID’s Malaria Action Program for Districts, 2016-present

Malaria Consortium is providing overall technical and programmatic oversight of USAID’s Malaria Action Program for Districts (MAPD). This project is funded by USAID and PMI and builds on the significant progress made on malaria control in Uganda in the last 20 years.

Across 43 districts in the Central, Western and West Nile regions of Uganda, MAPD is implementing malaria diagnosis and prevention activities and working to build the capacity of the National Malaria Control Programme in Uganda ensure the activities are sustainable.

Learn more about MAPD

A historic net distribution in Uganda, 2013-2014

Through funding from PMI, Malaria Consortium took part in a landmark net distribution campaign in Uganda across 16 months from 2013 to 2014. Around 21 million life-saving insecticide treated nets were distributed across 110 districts helping Uganda to reach 95 percent net coverage.

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The Stop Malaria Project, 2008-2014

The Stop Malaria Project, also funded by PMI, ran for six years across Uganda and achieved significant success in expanding net coverage, increasing the treatment of malaria in pregnancy and galvanizing malaria testing. Malaria Consortium, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University, underpinned these efforts with a ground-breaking mass-media campaign, reaching eight million children with malaria prevention messages in schools and broadcasting information across 32,000 radio spots.

Find out more about the Stop Malaria Project

You can find out more about PMI’s 15th anniversary and how other partners are marking the occasion on the new 15x Malaria Impact website.

Ashley Giles is Senior Communications Officer at Malaria Consortium