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There is no room for complacency in the battle against malaria – DfID Secretary (Politics Home)

Published: 19th December 2016

Eight-year programme contributes to significant malaria decrease in Nigeria

Published: 18th February 2016

Support to National Malaria Programme ends with dissemination event

Published: 17th February 2016

Malaria Consortium's support to planning and capacity building in Nigeria acknowledged at Annual Performance Review

Published: 3rd September 2015

Two global malaria strategies for 2016-2030 presented at Financing for Development Conference

Published: 13th July 2015

Harmonisation: lessons for improving donor and partner support for malaria control

Published: 22nd August 2014

Malaria Consortium's seasonal malaria chemoprevention projects in Africa

Published: 7th August 2014

Pioneering Progress: celebrating UK leadership in the fight against malaria

Published: 20th June 2014

Creating demand in Nigeria – a new learning paper

Published: 14th April 2014

Building up the commercial net sector

Published: 19th March 2014

Malaria Consortium launches 10th anniversary report

Published: 24th February 2014

Malaria Consortium announces multi-country programme for pneumonia diagnostics

Published: 19th December 2013

Highlights from the Trustees' Report and Financial Statements

Published: 27th November 2013

Malaria Consortium welcomes six new trustees

Published: 15th October 2013

Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention: leading the way on an innovative approach in Nigeria

Published: 16th September 2013

Northern Nigeria: distributing mosquito nets – in pictures

Published: 18th June 2013

Malaria Consortium launches exhibition to mark World Malaria Day

Published: 23rd April 2013

World Malaria Report 2012

Published: 18th December 2012

NIGERIA: Malaria control in the world’s most endemic country

Published: 18th October 2012

Improving the Quality of Malaria Care: Nigeria

Published: 5th July 2012

Managing the Risk of Malaria in Pregnancy in Nigeria

Published: 18th April 2012

Coverage and Use of Insecticide Treated Nets in Kano

Published: 9th February 2012

SuNMaP Wins Lagos State Merit Award 2011

Published: 12th December 2011

MAPS Project Launched in Nigeria

Published: 8th December 2011

Video: Nigeria - Nets for All

Published: 6th July 2010
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