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Our advocacy approach

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Malaria Consortium’s advocacy aims to reduce the human and economic burden of malaria and childhood illnesses by influencing people, policy and systems to bring about sustainable change. By informing parliamentarians, mobilising civil society and inspiring people across the globe, we are helping to keep malaria, neglected tropical diseases and childhood illnesses high on the list of international development priorities.

Our objectives are to raise awareness and disseminate information to a wide range of audiences, and to establish and strengthen engagement with stakeholders and decision makers in Africa, Asia and Europe. We work collaboratively with partners, networks and coalitions who share our objectives of tackling disease burdens, extending quality health services to the most vulnerable, and achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, while ensuring that no-one is left behind.

We are a highly technical and specialist organisation with world-leading and innovative projects across many lower and middle income countries. As such, we base our advocacy on a foundation of strong evidence and cutting-edge operational research. Our on-the-ground experience gives us the confidence to know what does and does not work, providing us with the authority to communicate operational and policy advice which helps influence national and global decision making.

We work in a number of ways to achieve this. Please select from the options below to learn more about Malaria Consortium’s advocacy.


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