Case Studies of successful industry involvement in malaria control programmes

Shell, Palawan, Philippines

In 1999, the Pilipinas Shell Foundation launched the Movement Against Malaria social investment program. The foundation worked with the provincial government and the Department of Health to set up 344 malaria village laboratories in the Palawan province, with trained local staff to detect the malaria parasite in blood smears. The program provides leaflets and holds village meetings to raise awareness of malaria prevention. It encourages people to sleep under mosquito nets, clear breeding areas and keep themselves covered in the evening. In 2006, the program received a US$14 million five-year grant from Global Fund to expand to four more provinces. Another grant in 2010 provided US$31.4 million and increased the total number of provinces covered to 40. The program has reduced malaria deaths by nearly 97 per cent from 99 deaths a year in 1999 to three in 2011.