Case Studies of successful industry involvement in malaria control programmes

Oil Search, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Since 1998, Oil Search has been implementing the Marasin Stoa program, a village malaria treatment initiative at its Hides gas field project area in the Southern Highlands Province. The program entails training a community member, usually a woman, in basic malaria diagnosis using a Rapid Diagnostic Kit and supplying pre-packaged (dosage for weight category) malaria medication. The village treatment providers also collect malaria blood slides from each case for laboratory analysis in the Oil Search laboratory in order. The treatment providers charge a nominal fee and can sell additional ‘over the counter’ health products to supplement their income. This ensures sustainability of the program and addresses other social development issues such as poverty and gender equity. The program has seen a steady decline in the incidence and prevalence of malaria in all affected communities. Direct management has been taken over by a local church health service provider, with technical support provided by the Oil Search Health Foundation. The National Department of Health (NDOH) has endorsed the program and the model is being trialled in other parts of the country. Additionally, Oil Search has been appointed the new principal recipient (PR) of funding from the Global Fund replacing the NDOH as PR.