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Morbidity studies

In these studies, current and retrospective outpatient data collected from health facilities were used to track malaria incidence in the study communities over many years.

How were the health facility-based morbidity studies conducted?

Routine outpatient data was collected from outpatient registers and laboratory registers from health facilities within the study sites.

What data was collected during the health facility-based morbidity studies?

  • Malaria clinical diagnosis
  • Malaria test administration (microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests)
  • Malaria test results
  • Malaria treatment

Why is the health facility-based morbidity study data important?

This data helps to:

  • Identify the profile of malaria in age groups
  • Identify the seasonal pattern of malaria transmission
  • Identify the burden of the disease over time
  • Identify treatment seeking behaviour of people in the communities
  • Detect unusual incidences or outbreaks 


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